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Production on my new EP Burnt Toast is currently under way! Single release, live streamed shows, Spotify, YouTube, lots of fun, coming soon!

During the week of August 17-21, we were super busy at Old Highway Studio, with Colin Maskell working hard to get the best quality sounds recorded for four songs, three of which I've never recorded before. I am so excited to be working on this for real now, and so grateful to the talented musicians who are providing the sounds to make this a really beautiful collection of songs. It will take some time over the coming weeks for the mixing and mastering processes, please check for more frequent updates on my Facebook page. There's so much to learn and do! I will also be getting more active online; I am learning how to livestream on Facebook, as well as Instagram and Youtube, so look for me there too. Once I have worked out most of the bugs (SOON - as in early to mid-September) I will be scheduling some live-streaming events and I hope that you can join me, have some fun, and share your thoughts about my music. 

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