Busy Buzzy Bumbling Days

Oh the irrationality of dreams! I have been waking up a lot this week with wild and crazy and somewhat disturbing dreams. I can’t turn off the brain it seems. I spend all night searching, driving, running up mountains, panicking, and fighting with scary orphanage people. I wake up with headaches from lack of sleep, take an acetaminophen and get on with things. These days are too full, the emotions are high, it’s never ever boring, and it carries right on over to sleep time. ARG!  

In the midst of my own life I have been very moved and concerned by the recent discovery of the bodies of hundreds of children buried in unmarked graves at residential school sites. I believe that at night when I sleep my brain is mixing my concern and love for my own kids and grandkids with my sadness and alarm for the children and families harmed by residential schools. I’m having wild dreams, but I cannot claim anywhere near what an Indigenous person must be going through in these times. I am incredibly inspired by the collective and individual healing that Indigenous people are doing. I plan to continue learning in a culturally humble way, and reach out to see what I can do to support Indigenous rights over the coming weeks, months and years. 

This week has been exciting! On Wednesday I went up Hudson Bay Mountain with Eli Larsen and Davemachine Livesey to record the rest of the footage for Running in Jeans! My first music video with a story line and a cast of characters. Filming was super fun and really good exercise, climbing and running and jumping in an exhilarating panoramic mountain setting. We didn’t even have to fight mosquitos, it was just perfect. The video will be released mid-July, so please stay tuned!  

I also did an interview with Lynn Mackenzie from the Moose FM radio yesterday morning. She had amazing questions, and I felt like my tongue was tied in the middle and I gave completely insufficient bumbling answers. I intend to write down as many questions as I can remember and practice answering them out loud so I am better able to give authentic and grounded answers in the next interview.  

I am suddenly very aware that I will be needing an income within a couple of months, and music just isn’t going to cut it. I’ve gotten to a point where my music sometimes pays for itself, and sometimes I can afford a bag of apples on top of that. This is wonderful, but that does not pay for everything else. So I’m working on some professional development, planning to open my own counselling, consulting and education practice sometime in the near future. Aiaiai a sense of overwhelm encroaches. I’m doing too much! Always!   

This morning I am heading over to my son’s new house to train his new staff. I am deep in the transition phase of almost having an empty nest. I’m more likely to cry about it than grin right now, but I am pretty sure it will work out well, and Alex will enjoy his new surroundings. And he can always move home if it doesn’t work out. 

Thank you for reading my blog post! I hope you have a fun and safe weekend. I’ll be back next week. And next week is song writing extraordinaire! Woohoo! All the best, Theresa MM. 

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