Song Thoughts - Running in Jeans - Fun for Everyone

One evening a couple of years ago, I was sitting at the supper table with my husband (Dave) and son (Alex). We were munching away and talking, and enjoying a delicious meal. We always love our own food, yum. As we chewed and chatted, we saw a woman run past on the busy street in front of our house. She had an impressively long stride, and she was wearing jeans. It made our meal so much better that we kept talking and laughing about it after. She really made our day. Somehow a catchy little tune wormed its way into my consciousness, based on the phrase, “running in jeans”.  

A few weeks later we were at a campfire potluck with some friends, when the tune just spontaneously came to me and I led a rousing first rendition of Running in Jeans. It was so much fun that we all stood up and ran on the spot, and everyone there took a turn improvising a verse. Then, a couple of months after that, my family and I went to Kispiox Valley Music Festival, and another version of Running in Jeans was born at a late night campfire. A whole new set of verses flowed out of a bunch of other fun friends. That’s where one friend (thanks Morag!) added the word ‘chafing’ to the song and took it to a whole new level.  

It might have helped that a lot of us were wearing jeans at both of these campfires. But I think it’s really because Running in Jeans is just for fun; and everyone needs the chance to not be too serious in life.  

Part of the grant I am receiving from Creative BC’s Amplify BC program is to make a music video for Running in Jeans. Eli Larsen is rocking the filming and production for it. A few friends, and my very supportive spouse have made it really fun so far. The music video features a fuzzy bear (shucks that’s me), the McKay sisters, Lauren, Heather and Lindsay, and Lauren’s daughter Lotte, as well as some young friends, Eliana and Marida Yatziv. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I will say that we got up bright and early on a Saturday morning to chase a bus down Coalmine Road in Telkwa. That was such a laugh, wow. Eliana asked if we could do it every weekend, I really wish we could. Huge thank you to bus driver Komi Pelawalo for getting into it with us, what a blast. The video release date is mid-July, so stay tuned for more on that!! 

And if you think of a new verse for Running in Jeans, please record yourself singing it, or write it down, and send it to me! I’d love to hear what inspires you about running in jeans. I’ll thank you with a free download code for the song, and who knows, I might even end up singing it in public sometime.    

Thank you for reading this week’s blog post! Next week I am going to write about the fourth and final song off of my Burnt Toast EP, Close the Distance.

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